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Our Company

Knights Residential

In 2001, Tony Demetriou successfully graduated in business management while Anthony Koumourou did likewise in IT graphics. However, they pursued their joint passion for property matters over the coming years.

Both worked in corporate estate agency, in order to learn the trade and hone the necessary skills, where they immediately displayed a natural drive to deliver outstanding results. This was shown by becoming leading sales staff for their employers but, more importantly, demonstrated an inbuilt desire to give first class advice and personal service and to secure the best possible results for all their clients.

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Our Aims

During these significant years they developed a strong belief that service must be the focus, and that the only way an estate agent can successfully grow is to consistently deliver an honest, trustworthy and reliable service, especially in an industry strongly driven by short-term results.

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In 2009, with years of expertise accumulated, they embarked on their dream goal in creating their own business; and Knights Residential was born! 

Now they could put all their knowledge, values, and qualities into their very own venture; in delivering an exceptional service based on their continued research into the views of their clients. 

Fast forward to today, the dream is thriving, however, they never rest on their laurels and are constantly striving to improve on providing outstanding personal service, delivering the best results to all their clients and actively seek feedback, so please feel free to do so!